This is Your One Stop to An Ultimately Unique Experience.  Our Consultants Provide Services to Transform Your Life and Your Business. 
Our Diverse Team
offer numerous and  interactive sessions to accommodate a small scale individual and/or family to larger corporations and non-profit organizations. 


Topics include Health and Wellness Category to Business Development:  

(Contact Us for Descriptions or to Provide a Free Consultation of Service Topics)        

HEALTH AND WELLNESS TOPICS                                                                                                            

    • Stress Buster 101                                                                                                                                                 
    • Heal Thyself; Combating Compassionate Fatigue
    • Ultimate Fit Warrior Transformational Program
    • High Energy Relationships
    •  Effective Communication for Modern Life
    • Your Ultimate Genius: Leadership Development
    •   Your Transformational Health and Wellness Plan
    • Transformational Resolution to Conflict and Problems
    •  Own Your Time: (Life Balance and Time Management)
    •  Stress Management(Taking a Lighter Path to Life)
    •  Anger Management(Tuning Into Me)
    •   S.O.S Stump Out Smoking: Smoking Cessation
    • Energy Therapy Sessions


    • How to Start a Business (any business type)
    • Successful Business Marketing Tools
    • Team Building
    • Workplace Substance Abuse Prevention
    •  Implementation of Mental Health in Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities
    • Counselor Development: Case Reviews, Strengthening Clinical Skills, Professional Competency, and Ethical Dilemmas


    Our Licensed Counselors Provide Services in the Following Professional Specialization:
    Therapy for Depression and Anxiety, Couples Counseling, Trauma and Recovery, Family Counseling, Child and Adolescent Counseling, Parenting Support, Grief Counseling, Work/Life Balance, Stress Management, Addiction & Recovery, Conflict Resolution, Anger Management

                                                                               LIFE COACHING SERVICES
                                                           Experience the Joy of Ultimate Health


    Work Your Way to Health with a Custom Wellness Plan

    Life Coaching

    What type of program will work for you? With life coaching, we assess your goals and needs, and continue coaching you until you meet those aspirations. Coaching sessions may target your dietary needs, weight management, stress and motivation level, to your mental and emotional needs regarding toxic relationships with self and others as well as spiritual needs to assist you in implementing a more balanced lifestyle that ensures your success. Don't give up on yourself, because we won't give up on you!  

    You can start to live a healthier life with services from A.W.A.R.E. Our multi-skilled life coaches works with you to create a wellness plan that gets you into shape mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually and helps you stay there. You can learn the importance of eating more healthy and exercising to maintain a healthy weight and reduce the chances of developing a variety of health issues. Extend your life expectancy with a wellness plan from us.

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    Holistic Consultative Services below are provided via Email, Phone and Online Correspondence 

    Meal Planning-$74.98

    Do you struggle with preparing structured daily meals that meet your new healthy life?  If structured meals are what you are looking for.  We design a 7-day meal plan that will jump-start your week towards healthy eating.  We make sure to incorporate healthy alternatives of what you regularly enjoy eating.


    Individualized Fitness Plan-$59.99

    Are you motivated to work on your own, but looking for affordability?  This is an awesome solution for you! This is a four-week fitness plan that is created for you to meet your needs and interests so that you burn the necessary calories to lose weight, and start to get in shape.


    (*It is important to remember that the muscles can get used to the workout routine leading to a plateau, which is why there is no further weight loss.  To prevent this from occurring, it is essential to change your routine every 4-6 weeks.***)                                          

    Maintenance Plan-$50.99

    Are you ready to continue your fitness regimen, but need more variety to take you to the next level?  If you purchased your initial Fitness Plan, your second and third plans are more advanced, so that you will continue to see your results.


    Individualized Well Being Plan-$99.99

    Do you wish to go beyond your physical workout and balance your total life?  This is a four week total well being plan that includes a weekly fitness and meal plans that fit your preferences in a healthy manner to help you create a lasting life of wellness provided via one follow up phone session and unlimited monthly emails answered within 48 hours. 


    Individualized Well Being Plan plus coaching- $349.99

    Still looking for the added support to help keep you on track while progressing on your path to wellness?  Well here you go!  In addition to your well being plan, you receive weekly coaching via phone and/or email sessions with unlimited email support with a response time of 48 hours  to ensure that you are remaining on track to reach your desired results towards optimal health and well-being.

    Coaching/Counseling Session