Services Offered


Grocery Shopping Tours-$50

For Local Atlanta Residents:  Are you ready to make healthier food choices? Sometimes, your best efforts at weight loss are not accomplished unless you make healthier food choices.  Allow us to be your grocery-shopping buddy, and help you to be more aware of what you eat.

Healthy Kitchen Restoration-$50

For Local Atlanta Residents:  Have you plateau at a weight that you are no longer comfortable with, or have you just begun your journey to a healthier life?  We are ready to help you choose the health food that will keep you on the path to gaining a leaner you.

Meal Planning-$70

Do you struggle with preparing structured daily meals that meet your new healthy life?  If structured meals are what you are looking for.  We design a 7-day meal plan that will jump-start your week towards healthy eating.  We make sure to incorporate healthy alternatives of what you regularly enjoy eating.

Individualized Fitness Plan-$60

Are you motivated to work on your own, but looking for affordability?  This is an awesome solution for you! This is a four-week fitness plan that is created for you to meet your needs and interests so that you burn the necessary calories to lose weight, and start to get in shape.

 (*It is important to remember that the muscles can get use to the workout routine leading to a plateau, which is why no longer are losing weight.  To prevent this from occurring,                                              

 it is essential to switch up your routine every 4-6 weeks.*)


Maintenance Plan-$45

Are you ready to continue your fitness regimen, but need more variety to take you to the next level?  If you purchased your initial Fitness Plan, your second and third plans are more advanced, so that you will continue to see your results.


Individualized Well Being Plan-$100

Do you wish to go beyond your physical workout and balance your total life?  This is a four week total well being plan that includes a weekly fitness and meal plans that fit your preferences in a healthy manner to help you create a lasting life of wellness provided via phone and email sessions. 


Individualized Well Being Plan plus coaching- $210/month

Still looking for the added support to help keep you on track while progressing on your path to wellness?  Well here you go!  In addition to your well being plan, you receive weekly coaching sessions to ensure that you are remaining on track to reach your desired results towards optimal health and wellbeing.